Hotel Regulation

To ensure our Guests a safe and comfortable stay, the Hotel
has established these Regulations as set forth below. We ask for
your kind understanding of and cooperation in the Regulations.

Lantana Riverside Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa Management will highly appreciate your collaboration in abiding by these rules and regulations, whose aim is to ensure peaceful and safe stay for our Guests.

Guests are kindly requested to provide their passports with valid entry visa or their identity card (for Vietnamese citizens) to reception for check-in formalities.
The Hotel shall only be responsible for any of your valuable and monies entrusted to the reception and having receipt.
It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, explosives, inflammable, narcotics (drug), prohibited goods, animals, bulky assets into the Hotel.
We have restaurant and laundry services; you are kindly requested not to do any cooking and laundry in the room.
When going out, please lock the door carefully. Keep your key card with you. You will be charged for the missing key card.
Please receive your visitors at the hotel lobby unless you have approval from reception.
Guests are not allowed to use the guest room as liaison offices nor to displace, to move furniture and equipment to another room. Guest will be liable to indemnify at the current price for any losses, breakages or damages caused to these assets.
Guests are neither allowed to interchange rooms, to let another guest use of their rooms nor to share the room with more people. In case of need guest must inform and get approval from reception.
Guests are requested to keep quiet and peaceful to respect another Guests to stay in the hotel.
Check-out time is 12:00 PM (noon time). Late check-out should be informed and approved by reception otherwise the one night room charge will be applied.
Guest who violate the above regulations not only will they be charged the responsibilities according to the above mention articles but the hotel will also unilaterally cancel their room renting contracts.

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